The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel

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I am not sure if spirituality is the word I’m looking for, but if I had to summarize The Midnight Gospel in one concept, that’s probably what I’d choose. I don’t think it is often that I’ve thought about a commercial show as spiritual, so it is kind of weird to say that.

The Midnight Gospel is a strange audiovisual experiment that blends a trippy visual storyline with some not so common conversations. If you are somehow familiar with the show, you might understand what I’m saying. If not, you should know that you’ll be in for a ride. A mind-manifesting one.

The Midnight Gospel”: La nueva serie animada de Netflix que nos muestra que  el universo entero es un sueño psicodélico

 Either way, if you are familiar or not, The Midnight Gospel is definitely something you should watch. 

The Show

In brief, the show is about a space podcaster named Clancy who goes on virtual adventures using his computer. In his podcast, he interviews people (and creatures) from all walks of life. Throughout the different episodes, Clancy touches upon some interesting and unconventional topics.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the story with details. What you do need to know is that (surprise surprise) there is a common thread that brings each episode together, and that’s something you’ll probably start to see as you dive deeper into the whole story. 

Somehow resembling a quest for a transcendental answer in life, Clancy struggles to find a balance between his problems and finding meaning. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I’ve personally struggled with throughout my life, and I’m pretty sure that many people of my generation feel the same.

A Spiritual Show

What is it that makes an experience spiritual? There doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation of what differentiates a spiritual experience from one that isn’t. It doesn’t even seem clear if there’s a common thing we are referring to when we discuss with someone else what spirituality is. However, it seems that both experiences, spiritual and non-spiritual ones, are rather different. 

This matter only gets more complicated if one considers whether a show can be considered spiritual. Although this sounds kind of weird, it is exactly what I felt when watching The Midnight Gospel. Something in me just clicked, as if suddenly I was going through a very deep and personal conversation with myself. Very few times does one find something that makes you question some of the most fundamental things in your life. 

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me when watching something, but this time was special. I think what makes this Midnight Gospel phenomenon special is its interesting topics and the way they are presented to the viewer. Rather than taking a single approach to discuss matters like death, consciousness, drugs, or even love, the show takes on a very dynamic and personal perspective. This helps viewers explore complex human subjects from different shores.  

Who Is Duncan Trussell?

To understand where this sort of spiritual show comes from, it might be worth understanding a thing or two about Duncan Trussell, one of its creators. I’m not a big fan of understanding the people behind a work of art (if we can call the show like that), but it does help put things into context. By understanding where something comes from, it is possible to grasp a better knowledge of the author’s intention, and this helps build meaning. 

One of The Midnight Gospel’s creative minds is Duncan Trussell. The name might not ring a bell, but he’s participated in a number of projects, probably one of the most famous being Community, and he’s also known for his interview show.

What’s interesting about him is that there is this sense of exploration of life throughout his work. Whether it is through his stand-up comedy or as a guest in any show, he always puts the spiritual note to whatever is being discussed. I don’t want you to take this as if he were a sort of guru; nothing can be farther away from the truth and that is definitely not my intention. On the contrary, he looks just like some ordinary guy looking for questions. That makes it even better, as it feels as if you were just listening to a friend.

Although this sounds pretty simple and mundane, it is true. This applies also to The Midnight Gospel. One of the things that definitely make it special is its question-everything-spirit. No matter how hard or dense a subject is, the show is able to discuss it in an interesting way, and more relevant, in a very human way. 

Push Play

If you are like me, you are probably always looking for questions and answers. More important, you are probably on a journey to who knows where. For all of those tireless souls, The Midnight Gospel is a must-watch. 

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