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Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

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Inside every one of us, there’s a small Scott Pilgrim. We tend to think that the world revolves around us, and we sometimes dismiss our close ones before realizing that they only want what’s best for us. Yes, we can all sometimes be douchebags. 

I remember watching Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, probably in 2010, when it came out. It’s funny how a movie can change its meaning as we grow old. When I first saw it, I remember thinking a lot about the relationship I was in at the time. I was very young then, and I was just starting to understand what dating someone meant. I thought to myself that I was never going to be like Scott. Now, almost ten years later, I realize that it was all a lie. It seems like it was inevitable to replicate some of the behaviors I found despicable. 

You Vs the World

Looking back, I now realize that I sort of became a Scott Pilgrim in one way or another. Throughout my early adulthood, the world sometimes felt as if everything revolved around me, even if, from a logical perspective, I knew this was not true. However, like Scott, I can’t help but realize that, in the end, we all change. Is this a silver lining? Probably. Sometimes we change for the worse, but, every once in a while, we can become better persons. It all starts with the power of self-esteem, something that Scott learns the hard way. 

One thing I’ve come to acknowledge is that my relationship with the world isn’t an ‘us and them’ game. It is more of an ‘us’ kind of thing. How I relate to others ultimately depends on how I see myself. If I am not in a good place with the person I’ve become, it will be very hard for me to reflect that in the way I relate to others. 

This is sort of what happens to Scott. After some exhausting episodes where he has to deal with the people in his life, he realizes that being with the girl he likes isn’t about her. It is a matter of self-respect. Before one can be with someone, one has to smoothen out what might be the most important relationship we have: the one with ourselves. 

The Scott Pilgrim Comic

I haven’t actually read the Scott Pilgrim comic. I intend to do so at some point, although I am not sure when that will be. I was really hooked by the positive reviews I’ve heard of it. I was told that the movie is a very good screen adaptation of the comic, and that some of the scenes in the movie are actual recreations of some of the most iconic illustrations found in the comic. 

For those of you who don’t know, Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel composed of 6 volumes. The comic is a romantic comedy that follows the adventures of Scott, a Canadian 23-year-old unemployed boy who plays the bass. The first volume of the comic came out in 2004 and the last one in 2010, coinciding with the cinematographic release of the comic. It has been acclaimed as a great and humorous read. 

Change Is Inevitable

Now back to the inevitability of change, self-esteem, the movie, and how we relate to ourselves defines how we relate to the world. It is interesting to see how Scott evolves throughout the movie. He had to overcome many surreal challenges only to learn the bad way that love isn’t about the other persons; at least not exclusively. Throughout the ten years since I first watched the movie, I also had to learn this. In my case, I did not have to fight a gang of evil exboyfriends. 

Reality sometimes feels like a video game, but we have to remind ourselves that the decisions we make are more transcendental than what happens on a pixel screen. We might not have superpowers, but we always have the possibility to act from a place of self-esteem, approaching the world not as an enemy, but as a reflection of what we have inside. 

Whatever Happened to Michael Cera?

So, on a different note, whatever happened to Michael Cera? At some point he was one of the coolest guys on the screen, and then he sort of vanished (or at least that’s what it felt to me). Every now and then he seems to appear somewhere, but that’s about it. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I’ve decided to stop being oversaturated with news and information bombarding me all the time. I do hope he comes out with something new and good as almost everything he has done.

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