BLOW UP THE CONVERSATION: Better living through surveillance and the nature of reality

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A lot has been said about the parallels between The Conversation and our current concerns with the surveillance state, data protection and the struggle to safeguard our privacy and remain anonymous. At its core, however, I think the film deals with an even more profoundly philosophical question which seems more relevant than ever: that of our relationship to reality, both assisted and encumbered by technology.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Flamethrower Scene

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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What Tarantino has done is a bit like BBC hit show Peaky Blinders. He has taken historical characters from criminal folklore and changed the outcome for them. Left physical and historical factors intact, but has played with the outcome and, of course, why not? After all, just like the Coen brothers said when William H. Macy expressed dismay at them falsely claiming Fargo was a true story: “This is fiction, man!”

A photo of the cast in front of the tour bus.

Almost Famous: Sex, Drugs & Nostalgia

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As an adolescent, one of the movies I liked the most was Almost Famous. It had everything a 16-year-old would want: sex, drugs & rock n’ roll. Looking back, almost 15 years now, I wonder if the movie is actually good or if it was maybe a rush of hormones running through my brain.

One a Week: TAMPOPO

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On its bubbling, brothy surface, Tampopo is a narrative comedy with interstitial vignettes, all of which revolves around food— how it’s prepared and consumed; created and enjoyed; how it relates to life and death, bliss and pain, love and sex. Weird sex.